Application Notes

AN002 - Wireless RS232 (682kB 02.10.2009)
The purpose of this application note is to achieve a wireless communication between two PCs by replacing the RS232 cable with Y-Lynx wireless module

AN003 - UART to UART Wireless commmunication (102kB 02.10.2009)
This document explains the required steps to establish a simple wireless communication between two microcontrollers (MCUs) using two Y-Lynx wireless modules via their UART Interface.

AN004 - Wireless Weather Station (pdf, GUI, Source Code) (309kB 02.10.2009)
The purpose of this document is to give an example of a basic point to point communication between two Y-Lynx wireless module. The following chapters will explain how to make a first Wireless Sensor Network taking example on an array of weather stations interrogated by a Base Station.

AN005 - Serverless Network, Synchronization through GPS (109.69 kB 08.03.2010)
The purpose of this document is to explain how to build a wireless network without using a Server thanks to the possibility offer by the embedded protocol to use an external synchronization signal as the PPS (pulse Per Second) coming from a GPS receiver.