Hardware Customization

Hardware is a key part of the success in wireless module network. That is for this reason that Y-Lynx offers hardware customization in order to provide the right product to the right market according to customer demand.
With a complete RF laboratory (reinforce in 2009 with a pseudo-anechoic chamber) and specialized and experienced team, Y-Lynx is able to go with his customers from the demand to the volume test and production of customized wireless module.

For more information, please send an email to: support@y-lynx.com.

Hardware Customization Process

Below is an overview of the Hardware Customization Process used Y-Lynx. From the begining, at the specification elaboration, to the end (Certification, production, test and calibration in volume), Y-Lynx is envolved as a partnership to help his customer to define the exact needs of the application. Your success is our success!