Parameters Customization

Y-Lynx provides, Free of charges, wireless module parameters customization as well as shielding customization with customer references, logo or project name.

Parameters Customization

One of the most commun customization used by Y-Lynx's customers is the parameters customization, where the default parameters programmed in the embedded Communication Controller is replaced with the custom settings from client. This operation is free of charges.
Custom parameters file can be generated either by the Radio Modem Starter kit (Save Configuration) or direclty by modifying the default parameters file (.init file). Before the up-load into the wireless module, the custom parameters file will be reviewed by Y-Lynx team and a reference number will be given back after acceptance. The reference number have to be present on any Purchase Order and is part of the product's part number.

Schielding Customization

The second option offers by Y-Lynx free of charges (except tooling cost), is the shielding customization of any Y-Lynx's products. This option is often used by customers who wants to develop or mantain a high degree of confidentiality. It is also used by customer who want to increase their branding.

Custom Shielding Example