Software Customization

Y-Lynx has spent the last 5 years to develop, optimize and test a wide range of wireless communication protocols for various applications as meter reading,sports or pipeline control.
The standard wireless module embed a communication controller (version 05) which summerizes the most popular and useful features defined by Y-Lynx as well as by our customers. If the communication protocol version 05 does not repsond to your request, Y-Lynx is available to help you to define the specificaton according to your application demand but also to develop, test and programm your own protocol.
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Software Customization Process

Below is an overview of the Software Customization Process used Y-Lynx. From the begining, at the specification elaboration, to the end (Protocol Programmation into the wireless module), Y-Lynx is envolved as a partnership to help his customer to define the exact needs of the application. Your success is our success!