Long range 500mW Wireless ISM Modem

Compact YLX-TRM8053-500-05 Radio Modules can easily replace miles of cable in industrial applications. Using FHSS, TDMA or FDMA protocol, the YLX-TRM8053-500-05 is robust to interference and enables co-located client and network operation without degrading data integrity and range performance. The YLX-TRM8053-500-05 offers a large number of on-the-fly commands, providing a high level of flexibility for any application.


  • 869.525MHz Free license band
  • Fully assembled and tested
  • UART or SPI interface
  • Embedded protocol
  • Up to +27dBm into a 50 Ohm load
  • Data rate up to 152.3kbps NRZ coding
  • 74.7 x 29.1 x 6.5mm Size
    Low current consumption:
  • 20mA in Receiver mode
  • 650mA in Transmitter mode at +27dBm
    High reception sensitivity:
  • down to -114dBm at 4.8kbps
  • down to -105dBm at 76.8kbps

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